Contact Center Services

Customer Support

We deliver heart touching customer support surpassing customer expectations.

We leverage our hands-on experiences and expertise acquired by supporting over 60 million, both private and institutional, au subscribers to build and operate the most optimized customer support based on each client’s needs.

List of Services

Assistance Services

We would support wide range of customer inquiries related to our clients’ products and services.

Reservations and
Orders Acceptances

We can accept orders for products and services clients offer on TV programs or catalogs.

After Hour / 24 Hour

We can offer after-hour support during clients’ non-operating hours. We can also operate 24-hour contact centers if required.

Call Transfer Services
Centralized Customer Contact Points

If your customer services are functioned at various business locations, or if you have multiple customer contact numbers, we can centralize them to a single point of contact to enhance efficiency and to standardize the quality of service.

Customer Feedback

We can gather customer feedbacks and responses on campaigns or events. High response rate can be achieved by leveraging our flexible operational structure.

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