Contact Center Services

Outbound Calls

We assist clients acquiring new customers,
retaining the existing ones,
providing the most optimized solution for each client.

We can provide explanations on services or products, conduct upselling & cross-selling, and send out remainders to customers.  We would design, build, and operate the business processes with a consolidated approach, based on the target customers’ attributions, such as their purchase histories. 

List of Services

New Customer

We can conduct inside sales / outbound calls aiming to create and acquire new customers.


We can conduct up-sell (proposing higher level of services or products) and cross-sell (proposing a plan to integrate other related products), to help clients increase their revenues and LTVs.

Outbound Calls
Follow-up Calls

We can make outbound calls for such purposes as to help clients to collect payments, or to promote customers to attend clients’ events. Outbound calls would become more effective by using SMS in parallel.

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