Dec. Assessment Consulting Service are official Launched. 

Nov. Winner of the Gold Award In the PRIDE Index.

Nov. Moved 「KDDI Evolva Sendai Recruiting Center」 at the Sendai Station East Exit.

Oct. Moved 「EVO NAVI WORK 58」

Oct. Polaris_Sapporo is Awarded "GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2020" from Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

Sep. Polaris_Sapporo is Awarded "New Office Encouragement Prize-Hokkaido New Office Promosion Association as the best prized by Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry" from NIKKEI Inc.

Sep. Opened New Office, "Miyagino Center" at Tohoku Area.

Jun. Polaris_Sapporo is Awarded "Good lighting Award" From the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan

Jun. Acquired COPC Customer Experience Standard(OSP) Release6.0a certification


Oct. KDDI Evolva Okinawa Inc., KDDI Evolva Call Advance Inc., Evolva Business Support Inc. and Evolva Job Share Inc. are merged. (Nominal Surviving company)

Jul. Opened New Sapporo Center “Polaris_Sapporo”

Jul. Acquired ISO / IEC 27017: 2015 ISMS cloud security certification


Nov. Agreed with Higashimatsushima City regarding cooperation for regional revitalization

Oct. Winner of the Silver Award In the PRIDE Index The PRIDE Index was established by a private organization, Work with Pride

Oct. Opening of the “Naha Asahibashi Center” Designated as the New office location for “KDDI Evolva Okinawa(KEO)”


Dec. Acquired PCI DSS certification

May. Employment base for people with disabilities“ Sachi Mitsurusato KDDI Evolva Nobiru”start business.

Feb. “Various way of working Practical companies”Platinum + (Plus) Certification

Jan. Established KDDI Evolva Job Share Inc. as wholly owned subsidiary by Evolva Business Support Inc.


Nov. YAMAGATA WORKPLACE is Awarded “OFFICE ENVIRONMENT Excellence AWARD” Contact center Award 2016.
FUKUOKA WORKFORST is Awarded “OFFICE ENVIRONMENT AWARD” Contact center Award 2016.

Oct. Opened “Near-Taku Office Kamifukuoka” contact center featuring Childcare facilities.

Sep. FUKUOKA WORKFORST is Awarded “New Office Encouragement Prize” From NIKKEI Inc. & New Office Promosion Association.

Jun. Opened “EvolCity” at Shinjuku Office.

Mar. Worked out the Action Plans for The Act of promotion of women’s Participation and Advancement.


Sep. YAMAGATA WORKPLACE is Awarded “GOOD DESIGN AWARD” from Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

Aug. YAMAGATA WORKPLACE is Awarded “New Office Encouragement Prize” From NIKKEI Inc. & New Office Promosion Association.

May. Kyushu/Shikoku Office move to new promises in Fukuoka.


Dec. The 10th anniversary

Jun. YAMAGATA WORKPLACE is completed.


Sep. Opened Matsuyama Center.

Jul. Opened Yamagata Office
Acquired all shares in TEPCO Call Advance Inc. and changed name to KDDI Evolva Call Advance Inc.

Jun. Relocated Chugoku/Shikoku Branch.

May. Relocated Tohoku Branch.

Apr. Opened Mobara Center.

Mar. Expanded BPO solution services.
Launched local contact center support and agency services in Southeast Asia.

Feb. Expanded IT solution services.


Sep. Launched “Social CRM Service” contact center solutions.

Apr. Updated next generation support (general business owner action plan).
Expanded “Technical Support” contact center solutions.


Dec. Commenced outsourced operations at au Sendai Contract Center.

Jul. Acquired all shares in Niscom Business Support Co., Ltd. and changed name to Evolva Business Support Inc.


Aug. Opened Yokohama Center.

Mar. Relocated Head Office.


Mar. Opened Sasebo Center 2.
Opened Kanazawa Sales Office.


Dec. Opened Takamatsu Sales Office.

Sep. Developed and released “Telephone Check & Go” telephone manners training software products.

Jul. Launched “Denpoppo” international telegram service for the domestic market.

Jun. Obtained ISO 27001 information security management system certification.

May. Officially launched “PatMail” email newsletter publication system for mobile phones.


Oct. Opened Sasebo Office.

Jun. Opened Hiroshima Sales Office.

Jan. Obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification.


Oct. Opened Tohoku Branch.

Sep. Obtained Privacy Mark certification.

Feb. Merged with TU-KA Service Co., Ltd.
Launched 104 directory services via au.


Dec. Merger between KDDI Telemarketing Okinawa Inc. and Okinawa Contact Center Inc. Established KDDI Evolva Okinawa Inc.

Oct. Transferred building management operations to KDDI Technical Engineering Service Corporation.

Jul. Merged with KSS Clean Corporation.

Jun. Established KDDI Telemarketing Okinawa Inc. as wholly owned subsidiary.

May. Merged with CTC Create Inc.


Dec. Changed name from KDDI Telemarketing Inc. to KDDI Evolva, Inc.

Oct. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Merged with KDDI Sogo Service Co., Ltd. to expand operations, focusing particularly on BPO services.

Jun. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Opened Fukuoka Center.

Apr. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Merged with KDDI Teleserve Inc. to provide comprehensive BPO resources for the KDDI Group.


Feb. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Opened Sapporo Center.


Jul. 【International Tokyo Service Co. Ltd.】 Merged with KDDI Shoji Co., Ltd. and K Tourist Co., Ltd.

Feb. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Opened Shinjuku Marketing Center.


Aug. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Opened Chiba Center.

May. 【International Tokyo Service Co. Ltd.】 Changed name to KDDI Sogo Service Co., Ltd. following mergers with building management companies in Osaka, Oyama and other locations.

Jan. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Changed name to KDDI Telemarketing Inc.


Oct. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Established KDDI.

Aug. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Opened Nagoya Branch, Launched personnel services.


Dec. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Established KDD Telemarketing Okinawa Inc.


Jun. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Launched 24 hours a day, 365 days a year services.

Mar. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Launched fulfillment services.


Aug. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Opened Shinjuku Center and Osaka Center.

Mar. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Established KDD Telemarketing Inc.


Sep. 【KDDI Telemarketing Inc.】 Established KDD Teleserve Inc.

1955 【International Tokyo Service Co. Ltd.】 Established International Tokyo Service Co. Ltd. as building management company.
1953 Commenced operations at KDD International Call Center.