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Message from President

The contact center fielder who realizes true Omni channel

In recent years, with the expansion of business operations, intensifying competition and the widespread popularization of smartphones, the marketing needs of client enterprises are becoming increasingly diverse with the passage of time. Clients have approached us with concerns over issues such as how to identify and understand the increasingly complex purchasing behaviors exhibited by their customers.

In order to resolve issues such as these, KDDI Evolva is striving to provide the latest cutting-edge omni-channel solutions in Japan ahead of any other firm. We are also working to facilitate next-generation relationships between our clients and their customers, in addition to conventional voice-type services, with a primary focus on smartphone technologies.

Specifically, in addition to 24-hour automated response via “AI Chat Bot” systems, we are also providing Hybrid Services that enable communicator response to atypical or specialized inquiries via manned chat services. Our Visual IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technologies not only facilitate voice-based response to customers, but also enable guiding of customers to dialogues via SMS (“Call Assist” series) and talk app services. Maintaining histories regardless of the channel from which a call originates makes it possible to offer customers a seamless, one-stop service.

With BPO services combining these kinds of ICT solutions, KDDI Evolva will provide comprehensive omni-channel solutions and services that can truly maximize and enhance the level of customer experience offered.

Meanwhile, as birth rates continue to decline and population aging continues to accelerate, there is strong social pressure being placed on companies to provide support for a broader array of working styles. As one measure to help increase quality and efficiency by improving personnel retention rates, KDDI Evolva offers a diverse range of employment schemes. These include our existing Permanent Employee Promotion and Business Location Specific Fixed Position Permanent Employee schemes; our In-house Open Recruitment scheme, which enables employees to request to change their job content of their own accord, as an opportunity for career development; and our Telework scheme, which facilitates working styles that support employees in achieving a balance between their work and their childcare and/or caregiving commitments. In addition to these initiatives, we are also continuing to expand our support for various working styles, such as with our BPO center with its own attached nursery/daycare space, and our “Hataraku x Ongaku” (“Work x Music”) program, which supports staff working as they continue to pursue their dreams as aspiring musicians.

Working under the concept of delivering Evolution + Value, KDDI Evolva will continue to cater to a diverse range of needs, constantly deliver the latest and best services, and provide high-added-value for its client enterprises.

Jan 2018
Masami Nakazawa