About KDDI Evolva

Message from President

The BPO and contact center markets are steadily growing in Japan fueled by a shortage of labor and the increasing need for enhanced productivity that is causing various institutions to rely on outsourcing. We are in an era where the communication channels of individual customers and their purchasing behaviors are becoming ever diverse. Our clients are often faced with the challenges of finding ways to accommodate all of this, provide the best customer experience (CX) and to enhance the efficiencies of their business processes.

To cope with the current market situation, KDDI Evolva is perusing to evolve as a company to conduct “business that provides CX exceeding the customer expectations” at all customer contact points, having “The Last Human Touch. Technology to touch your heart” as the base of our business concept.

Our industry-leading clients from various industries, such as telecommunication, finance, EC, logistics, and manufacturing, have held in high regard and implemented our omni-channel solutions, such as “AIChat” and “VisualMenu”, which are the products of KDDI Evolva’s “human” & “technology” capabilities, perfected by the experience of serving over 39 million au customers.

“Human” creates, uses, and develops technologies. Our engineers who build AIChat and other solutions and our agents who support customers, both teams are focused on providing the best services from the customer’s point of view. Together with our clients, how we can reach closer to touch individual customer’s heart, is the key for KDDI Evolva to be able to differentiate ourselves from the rest.

In 2019, we will provide services that will further enhance our clients’ and their customers’ experiences, by promoting our new solutions that utilize AI technologies such as “voice recognition” and “image recognition”.

On top of the above, we will continue to initiate “work style reform”, something that is being strongly called for socially.

For the purpose of providing a work environment supporting the employee morale and the work-life balance, and to promote diversity embracing employees from diverse backgrounds with diverse work styles, we are promoting the conversion of limited term employees to permanent employees, but still enhancing the welfare programs and providing support for acquiring various certifications for the staff deciding to remain as limited term employees; also, we have introduced a partnership system for an inclusive LGBT work environment.
Moreover, at our “Sachi-mitsuru-sato” facility in Matsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture, we have been continuing restoration support for the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and initiating sustainable employment of differently-abled people.

In the summer of 2019, Sapporo Center will open with 1,300 seats. It is an innovative contact center hosting a cafeteria and a nursery mainly managed by the company, providing and organizing a work environment most comfortable for the employee. We continue to aim to have diverse employees be able to realize diverse work styles.

All of our staff will unite as one team to meet the clients’ expectations, and our clients can keep their expectations of KDDI Evolva high.

Jan 2019
Masami Nakazawa