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The contact center fielder who realizes true Omni channel

KDDI Evolva, Inc. has been offering the outsourced contact center services as the primary line of business to our customers based on BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Standards, for more than 60 years when it started as KDD International Operations. In addition, we have been very fortunate to be in the position to offer our expertise and contributions to our customers for their Tele-Communication strategies.

In recent years, with the expansion of businesses that intensifies competition, globalization, and the spread of smartphone technology throughout the world, the marketing needs of enterprises are increasingly becoming diversified. As we progress further in time, Complex purchasing behaviors, and maintaining consistent customer satisfaction and a steady trend analysis baseline, becomes our main focus.

In order to address the diversified economy, KDDI Evolva has built the state-of-the-art domestic omni-channel contact infrastructure earlier this year. In addition to the conventional contact center service, we also offer "Omni Channel Solutions" to next-generation enterprise consumers via smartphone technology.

Although communications can be made through common technologies such as SMS (Short message service) or Chat Technology, the important factor here is to be able to provide communication diversity across multiple technology platforms being used in the world today. As a result, transparent communication to any customer will be met with reliable, expedient service anywhere around the world. Furthermore, by combining the AI functions in our systems, many dialogues are automated, resulting in high-efficiency operation. In addition we offer, "Personalized video" features customized for each customer that can be an ideal and appealing service which gives our customers the ability to have customized attributes when using our systems.
We will provide comprehensive omni-channel solutions that can truly enhance the customer experience with BPO services that combine these IT solutions.

Meanwhile, the declining birthrate and the aging of the population are accelerating, and we are strongly socially required to respond to various ways of working. Under such circumstances, in the summer of 2016 "Evolva, your dream, to a fulfilling life" was launched, and as a first step, we launched a program called "Hataraku × Ongaku" to support employees who are aspiring musicians and wish to work at the same time while pursuing their dreams. In the autumn of 2016, we set up a nursery facility-type contact center "Near-Taku OFFICE" to create an environment where mothers who are raising children are able to continue work regardless of their tight schedules, "Evolva Job Share", a new company established in January 2017. We will develop new business that can maximize careers and skills of those mothers who wish to continue working. Furthermore, during the summer this year, we are planning to open up farms for disabled people in the future to provide office environments suited for people who are physically handicapped.

Based on the corporate vision of "Workcreation! (WorkCreation! (Work Creation) - (Creating the Future" Work ")", KDDI Evolva will strive continue to respond to the current diverse needs of the market today and to help create and enhance future work methodologies moving forward.


As your partner, you can count on KDDI Evolva, Inc.!

Jun 2017
Masami Nakazawa