Think about 「Work」×「Create」

What is an exciting work environment(or Company) like?
What is an energetic company like?
KDDI Evolva in the year 2020, -what should we think about our future- The company endeavors to uncover hidden opportunities and provide continuity to the creative processes…

In order to accomplish our goals and visions for year 2020, how should the World be like today?
To emberk on a journey towords the future, as one company, the journey,「Mirai no Sekai」bigins with a single step.

Workcreation! - to Create a 「Work」 Future

We envision ourselves in the year 2020, that we have compassion and love for one another. Above all, we have more trust developed in our working relationships within each other and towards our organaization.
3Key phrases that compasses the core principles of the concept 「Worcriation!」