AI Chatbots

With our exhaustive experiences in creating FAQs,
conversation scenarios, and AI utilization,
we can tune your FAQs and AIs with high accuracy.

We provide a variety of services ranging from AI Chatbot implementation to consultation services. Your customer contact points can be upgraded with better AI accuracy.


FAQ and Conversation
Scenario Creation

As we utilize and analyze the existing FAQs to create FAQs and conversation scenarios propriety for your Chatbot, it would have high accuracy right from the start.


AIs and FAQs can be continuously modified to achieve higher precision; reaching higher response and accuracy rate.

Hybrid Service with
Live Chat Agents

We can have our live chat human agents standing by to handle customer inquiries unresolvable by the Chatbots.

Service Concept

KDDI Evolva can provide one stop service;
from omnichannel solutions, operation management
to live agent services.

KDDI Evolva’s AI Chatbot service provides omnichannel solutions;
able to arrange live human agents standing by to provide support.

Heart touching AI Chat service.

●AI Chatbot Development Steps


Assess Existing Status and Plan Overall Process


AI Chatbot Character Design


Build FAQs and
Conversation Scenarios


Pre-launch Tuning
for Accuracy Enhancement

●AI Chatbot Operation Steps

We can provide post-launch services with customer support analysis.


AI Chatbot Log and
Survey Data Analyses


Accuracy Enhancement


Customer Experience Enhancement
via PDCA Cycle

Implementation Results

After three months of tuning, the rate of having no FAQ search results dropped 6 percent.

High quality customer experience was achieved by hybridizing AI Chatbot and Live Chat Agents.

High level of customer satisfaction was achieved three months after the launch.

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