SMS Services

Customer communication becomes more efficient
by utilizing SMS, a channel which reaches
and connects with customers directly.

We provide the most optimized solution to meet each client’s needs by leveraging our expertise in building and operating contact centers utilizing our wide range of services. Operation productivity and contact rate enhancement can be achieved by using SMS (short message service) as one of the communication channels.



Our user interfaces are thoroughly designed to provide the best usability to support customers.

Extensive Service

We offer various services from utilization of cloud services, API / IVR integration, to SMS distribution service.

Security &
Support Structure

We offer high security and service standard as being part of the KDDI Group. SMS designated help desks would be allocated to provide reliable support.

●Service Lineup

ASP Type

You can send SMS messages to a customer or to a group of customers from the administrative screen.

IVR Integrated Type

By integrating with an IVR (interactive voice response system), SMS messages can be sent back to the inbound calls or to the designated phone numbers.

API Integrated Type

A wide range of services becomes available by utilizing APIs to integrate the systems.

Two-Way Interaction Type

You can send and receive messages to and from your customers.

Long Message Type

You can send long messages and URLs in a single SMS message.

Operation Outsourced Type

Not only providing the messaging system, but we can also conduct the actual SMS messaging operation for you.

Case Examples

Reminder Message

Customers often cancelled the appointments on the same day or being absent when a representative visited their home to conduct line installation.

Same day contact rate increased 20 percent by reminding customers of their upcoming appointments via SMS messages.

Online Application Page Redirection (Call Overflow Management)

Due to high call volume, inbound inquiry calls were being sent to the overflow queue.

SMS messages containing URL information were sent to the customers in queue to re-direct them to the designated online application web page. Online application became twice the volume and inbound calls decreased 10%.

Re-delivery Support by Two-Way SMS Messages

Re-delivery support (re-shipping to customers, addresses confirmation, etc.) required man-hours and cost to make phone calls to customers.

By using two-way SMS messaging, drastic reductions in both cost and man-hours were achieved in contacting customers.

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