Visual IVR

By “visualizing” contact channels on smartphones, customers can be promptly addressed to the contact channels appropriate for their requests.

Our Visual IVR contains various functions which can be utilized for contact center operations. By aggregating inquiry channels on the smartphone screen, customers can be addressed to the appropriate contact channels or FAQs, deriving enhanced customer convenience and optimized customer touchpoints.

Service Concept


Our “Visual IVR” is
compatible with all
types of smartphones.

Customers do not need to install an application as our visual IVR is web-based.

High Customizability.

You can easily configure or make changes to the menu screen, icon allocations or the other contents.

Outfitted with
essential features
for contact centers.

The interface comes pre-loaded with useful contact center features, offering customers to request a call-back, waiting time notice, and more.

Installation Effects


Visualized list of multiple inquiry channels allows customers to make selections intuitively with their smartphones.

Opportunity Loss

Opportunity loss can be prevented by redirecting customers to non-phone contact channels during non-operating hours or when all phone lines are busy.

Inbound Call Volume

By redirecting customers to “Visual Menu” by sending SMS messages, inbound calls can be reduced.

Telecom & Labor
Cost Optimization,
Agents Workload

Incoming call volume reduction and customer self-service rate improvement would save telecommunication and labor costs with reduced workload.