Privacy Policy

Private Information Protection Policy

KDDI Evolva, Inc. (hereafter “the Company”) recognizes the importance of its position as a company handling various types of confidential and sensitive information belonging to partner companies, customers and other parties, including its own employees and staff. The Company is committed as a civic duty to protect private information, and has therefore set out the following private information protection policy.
The Company will ensure that all collected and entrusted individual number and private (customers) information shall be kept accurate and managed with utmost care. The Company has set the continued measures to protect private information, and been committed to work tirelessly to maintain its trusted reputation as a company.

  1. Collecting and Using The Individual Number

    When collecting individual number and private information, the Company will comply strictly with the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administration Procedures and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. We will use individual number and private information only to the extent necessary to accomplish the purposes stated in the Act.

  2. Collecting and Using The Private Information

    When collecting private information, the Company will clearly specify its purposes and the extent to which the information is going to be used, and will collect information in an appropriate manner with having obtained permissions from the relevant individuals in advance. The Company will only use, provide, store and manage all private information which has been collected and entrusted by the customers. Outsourcing of all private information will be done in an appropriate manner only for originally intended purposes, and within the extent for which the individuals have given their permissions. After the intended purposes have been achieved, the Company will dispose or return the information in an appropriate manner. For more details, please see the section on “Handling private information(Japanese)“.

  3. Data Security Management

    The Company will take measures in accordance with the information security regulations to ensure the accuracy and security of private information, including controlling access to private information, restricting methods of removing private information from Company premises, and prohibiting unauthorized access from outside. The Company has also taken its strict measures to prevent private information from being leaked, lost, or misappropriated. If any issue related to the security measures or other critical issues are discovered, the Company will immediately identify the underlying root causes and eradicate the problems accordingly.

  4. Compliance With The Law , ordinances, national guidelines and other regulations

    The Company will comply with the Act on the Protection of Private Information, ordinances, national guidelines, and all other applicable regulations, and will formulate and comply with the private information protection management system in accordance with JISQ15001:2017.

  5. Continued Improvements

    The Company will revise, and make every effort to maintain and improve, its private information protection management system continuously, to ensure that the private information is only used in an appropriate manner and strictly protected.

  6. Unauthorized Use And Third-Party Provisions

    The Company will not use the private information for any purpose other than the originally intended purposes, nor provide the private information to a third party without obtaining the prior consent from the relevant individuals. However, this does not prohibit such actions when the law enforcement requires by law to disclose the data without obtaining the prior consent from the relevant individuals.

  7. Handling Complaints And Inquiries

    The Company will respond to all requests, complaints, and inquiries with respect regarding the private information which belongs to the individuals concerning disclosures, amendments, deletion, and questionable handling.

Formulated: October 1, 2004
Last revised: March 1,2020

Hajime Wakatsuki
Representative Director and President
KDDI Evolva, Inc.